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Best Web Design Software

Web design software

Web Design Software Reviews

Websites have become widely used across industries to promote businesses and get your name out. Putting a few pages on the web and calling it a website is no longer effective. Companies wishing to take full advantage of the power of the internet understand that they must create and maintain custom websites that will attract and keep visitors. These software options will allow you to create and maintain customized websites, which are effective and professional looking. They will also accommodate the adaption to mobile devices, which have become extremely popular among web surfers of all ages. Maximize your company’s web exposure, by creating a custom made website with one of the following wen design programs.

Most Popular Web Design Software

Xara Web Designer Premium

5/5 Product Rating

The Xara-Web-Designer-Premium-Download allows you to create web pages from scratch. It also includes graphics features that allows you to customize every aspect of every page of your website. The Xara-Web-Designer-Premium-Download includes both freehand and drawing tools that have existing templates, including 3D effects. The Xara-Web-Designer-Premium-Download is W3C complaint making them compatible with the standard browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It also includes built in search engine optimization. These features help the site to get listed quickly with the search engines enabling your content to receive more viewers, faster. The Xara-Web-Designer-Premium-Download is compatible with PC computers and works with Windows Vista, 7 and XP.

  • Create your own graphics
  • Compatible with Photoshop plugins
  • Enables the creation of webinars through slide show presentation features
  • Wide range of image compatibility from RAW, PDF, RTF,JPEG and more
  • Compatible with major browsers like Firefox, IE, and Chrome

Best Overall Web Design Software

SiteSpinner Pro: Professional Web Development Software

4.6/5 Product Rating

The SiteSpinner-Pro-Professional-Development-Software has special features that allow you to create web pages that are built for mobile devices. The software allows you to create the same web page, with different layers so it will appear as one webpage, but will be specially designed to operate effectively on computers, tablets, and smartphones seamlessly. The SiteSpinner-Pro-Professional-Development-Software also provides the technology to include custom pages that include animation, an action editor, and more. Pages can be published as HTML, DHTML, or SVG. They are compatible with the industry standard W3C. This provides smooth transitions with the major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Through a partnership with Opera Software you are able to preview pages and designs before they go live on the site. This allows you to see how each page will be viewed on both computers and mobile devices, before publishing the page. Publish pages quickly and easily with all of the graphics and animation you created with no HTML coding required. The drag and drop editing feature makes page creation, editing webpages, and updating the site quick and easy.

  • Design professional websites in minutes
  • Custom design graphics and animation
  • Add web pages with fast downloads
  • Preview pages as they will be viewed on both the computer and mobile devices
  • No HTML coding required

Best Budget Web Design Software

PagePlus X9

4.5/5 Product Rating

The PagePlus X9 is available for PC computers. This software is one of the most popular programs for creating, designing, developing and maintaining your website and web content. The new web page designs are built to fit various screen sizes. This allows you to create a single page that will adjust for computer, tablet and smartphone use. The ecommerce templates allow you to build a web presence through the PagePlus X9. With the simple set up and faster transfers the PagePlus X9 can transform the way you build and maintain your web content. The software also comes with the Live View, which allows you to test pages before they go live.

  • Easily create and manage personal and professional Web sites
  • Drag-and-drop site layout; integrated graphics features
  • Design and script templates; instant report generation
  • Full WYSIWYG editing environment; dynamic navigation bars and trees
  • Powerful JavaScript actions and events; wizard for database-driven pages

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