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Best White-Noise Machine

White Noise Machine 2

White-Noise Machine Reviews

White noise machines are a way to reduce the number of distractions in our lives and provide a comfortable background noise that will improve concentration and improve sleep. They are widely used in offices, where cubicles offer little privacy. A white noise machine can increase the level of privacy so your conversations are not easily overheard by the co-worker in the next cubicle. They are also widely used in nurseries and children’s rooms. The soothing sounds of a fan, rainfall or other soothing sound of your choice helps children remain calm and sleep better. When they wake up at night the soothing sounds help them get back to sleep quickly. Adults like the white machines when a room is too quiet to sleep, they are sleeping in different settings like a hotel room, or to drown out a partners snoring. Whatever your use, white noises machines are recognized as a natural way to get a better night sleep. We have selected the best white noise sleep machines available. Machines with quality sound, a range of sound choices, and quality brands you can trust.

Most Popular White-Noise Machine

Adaptive Sound Technologies

5/5 Product Rating

The Lectro Fan-Sound-White-Noise-Machine has easy to operate push button controls. The unit offers 10 non-repeating unique fan sounds and 10 non repeating unique white noise sounds. The adjustable volume allows for more personalization for the appropriate environment. There is also a 60 minute sleep timer that automatically cuts the unit off after an hour. The Lectro Fan-Sound-White-Noise-Machine is compact making it portable. The unit can use a USB or a wall adapter to operate. There is also a parametric EQ speaker compensation for clearer sounds. So whether you have a child or baby that enjoys the soothing sounds for a better night sleep, or you want to drown out your partners snoring, this unit will provide soothing sounds to improve concentration and a deeper sleep. The Lectro Fan-Sound-White-Noise-Machine can be used at home or in the office, or taken with you on the road. It is great for drowning out sounds coming from the next hotel room and providing the sense of home, while you are on the road. Unlike other sound machines, LectroFan’s sounds are dynamically generated and they never repeat.

  • 10 Non-repeating fan sounds and 10 non-repeating white noise sounds
  • 60 Minute sleep timer option
  • Adjustable volume
  • Connect to USB or AC adapter
  • Parametric EQ speaker compensation

Best Overall White-Noise Machine


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Marpac-Dohm-DS-Speed-Sound-Conditioner creates the soothing sound of rushing air known as white noise. This sound conditioner creates the natural, soothing sound of rushing air to block distracting noises across a range of frequencies for deeper sleep, relaxation, and concentration. The unit has two speeds of operation creating a greater range of sound and allowing you to select the volume and tone of the white noise that is most pleasing to your ear. This soft background noise creates a soothing environment, where it otherwise is too quiet. The Marpac-Dohm-DS-Speed-Sound-Conditioner is an excellent unit to place in nurseries, children’s rooms, day care centers, and other sleep environments where a continuous soothing sound creates a better environment for sleep. This compact, lightweight sound conditioner fits easily on a desk or nightstand, or in a suitcase. The Marpac-Dohm-DS-Speed-Sound-Conditioner is made of durable plastic and is made in the USA. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Produces sound naturally with no loops or recordings
  • Blocks distracting noises to improve concentration and promote sleep
  • Two speed settings for greater customization
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

Best Budget White-Noise Machine


4.5/5 Product Rating

The Conair-SU1W-Sound-Therapy comes in Silver and produces 10 different soothing sound options. The unit is powered by batteries or an AC adapter making it portable. It has easy to use controls for adjusting the sound or the volume creating an easy to use therapy machine. The Conair SU1W Sound Therapy machine has an LED light on top which makes it easy to adjust the controls in the dark. Choose from sounds like rain, ocean waves, white noise, summer night (crickets) or thunderstorm. With 10 options you can select different sounds for different moods, needs, or preferences. The unit can be put on a timer for up to 60 minutes for when you go to sleep or it will play continuously until you cut it off. Whether you like background noise because it is too quiet or you want to play sounds to bring focus when there are other distractions, this unit is the answer.

  • 10 Different sound options
  • Easy to use controls
  • Operates on either batteries or AC adapter
  • LED light on top of unit for ease in changing the controls
  • Set a timer up to 60 minutes or run continuously

White-Noise Machine Buying Guide

White Noise Machine 11

A white-noise machine is a device that produces sound from a combination of wide-ranged frequencies. Because it doesn’t have one distinguishable frequency, it is usually used to drown out the other sounds that our hearing system might pick up and process.

The Science Behind It

Our sense of hearing has developed into an alarm system. Even when we’re asleep, it continues to do its job of capturing sound. Since there is no single habitable corner in this world where sound is totally absent and there are so many sounds that our hearing system picks up and processes every minute, it discards the sound that does not signify anything. Fine-tuned with how often one is exposed to a certain kind of sound, it no longer alerts the brain when it’s getting familiar sounds. In this case, the hearing system is functioning depending on the context of the sound rather than its volume. This is the reason why people are able to sleep in loud clubs and bars yet wake up at the slightest sound of a creaking door in the middle of the night in their house.

Music and White Noise: What’s The Difference?

There are people who listen to music to sleep or to avoid distractions in an office setting. Studies show that listening to music really does the job; however, it is less effective as it only has limited frequencies. So there is a higher tendency for the hearing system to capture sounds outside the frequency of the music playing. The lyrics also play a significant part as the brain can easily process it, distracting listeners from the task at hand, especially when doing office work. Music works best for relaxation, but not for blocking out other sounds.

Babies and White Noise

All babies four months old and below have involuntary limb movements called the “moro reflex.” Since their nervous system is still developing, very little sound can startle them, jerking them out of their sleep, consequently upsetting them.

Consumer’s Guide

Here are helpful tips on how to purchase a white-noise machine.

A. Buy the Right White-Noise Machine Based On Features.

There are different types of this device which serves different purposes. There are thosespecifically designed as audio-testing equipment while majority serve as sleep aids, sound masks, or power nap devices.

  1. As A Sound Mask: This type of device is specifically designed to drown out conversations and other distractions in an office setting. This is also helpful if living in a place where walls are not enough to keep the neighbor’s merrymaking and loud conversations out.
  2. As A Sleep Aid: Though a sound mask device can also serve as a sleep aid by just changing the sound played, there are those specifically designed for sleeping alone. Furthermore, it is categorized for adults and for babies as they produce different level of decibels.
  3. As A Power Nap Machine: If one would want to squeeze in four hours’ worth of sleep in 25 minutes, there are machines that do the trick. According to a study conducted by NASA, taking a short nap can increase productivity by 34 percent, so these devices are mostly designed for a midday nap for employees. The key elements to making one feel energized and rejuvenated after a short nap is the way one is lulled to sleep and how he is awakened.
  4. As An Audio-Testing Equipment: Since white noise has constant amplitude in all frequencies, it is used to test the performance of a microphone to a certain audio bandwidth.

White Noise Machine 3

B. Consider The Age Of The Person Who’s Going To Use It. Check The Volume Produced.

Especially when used as a sleep aid or sound mask, different devices can produce different sound volume. For young children, it is recommended that the sound produced should not exceed 50 A-weighted decibels (dBA), which is the loudness of a sound between a whisper and a normal conversation. The study conducted by researchers from Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto suggests that the device should be keep farthest away from the child in the room as the loudness and prolonged exposure can cause hearing loss to babies since their ear canals are smaller and thus amplify the sound.

For adults, the recommended maximum loudness if 85dBA.

C. Opt For a White-Noise Machine That Has a Timer or an Automatic Turn-Off Feature.

Prolonged exposure to white noise is not recommended. The adult can listen to it for eight hours while for babies, it is best to keep it to one to three hours. It should be kept minimal in the case of babies as they are in their developing years and they need to listen to the different sounds in their environment to learn.

D. Consider Portability of the White-Noise Machine.

Make sure that the device you will be purchasing comes with a battery for it to be handy while traveling. It would also be helpful it has an optional USB cable for a charger. Aside from considering the power supply, it is also best to select the smaller and lightweight models as they are easy to transport from one place to another and usually consume less electricity.

White Noise Machine 5

E. Choose the Model with Different Sound Options.

Aside from making white noise, most of the machines also play nature sounds such as birds chirping, a waterfall or river flowing, the soft pitter-patter of the rain, ocean waves, and the sound of the crickets at night in the countryside. These additional sounds can be used for relaxation and/or meditation.

F. Avoid Models That Have Looping Sound.

There are devices that only have short recorded white noise, and when played, it just keeps on looping. This can cause stress to the listener as a break, no matter how quick or short, happens and our body system can easily detect it. Make sure that white noise is a one-piece track long enough to be played to the recommended length of time.

G. Choose the White-Noise Machine Model with LED Lights.

To adjust the settings easier during night time, the LED light is a wonderful feature as one does not need to switch on the light in the room just to make changes or turn the machine on or off.

A white-noise machine is very helpful in case one needs to shut off the world. It is very helpful in cases of inconsiderate workmates or neighbors. It can also help both babies and mothers get a good night’s sleep.

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