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Best Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler Reviews

Wine Cooler were originally the best method for storing wine at a consistent temperature. As the number of homes with wine cellars declined, wine refrigerators came into the scene. Today wine coolers have gained a sleek and compact design that makes it convenient for wine enthusiasts to store wine at home. This allows consumers to store wine at the exact temperature needed for the best preservation and use. If you are a wine connoisseur or just love a glass of wine for dinner, these wine coolers offer the chilled storage needed for the perfect glass of wine. We have brought together all of the top models and narrowed the list down of the ones we think are the best.

Most Popular Wine Cooler


5/5 Product Rating

The New Air AW-181E Thermo electric wine cooler has a stainless steel and black finish that looks great in any kitchen or wine room. Whether you are a wine collector or just enjoy a frequent glass of wine, the New Air AW-181E Thermo electric wine cooler is a great choice. The wine cooler holds up to 18 bottles of wine with 5 shelves that slide out for easy storage. The shelves are removable if you have larger bottles of wine to store. The New Air AW-181E Thermo electric wine cooler is made with thermo electric cooling technology that creates a quiet vibration free wine cooler. The insulated door maintains the interior temperature and reduces UV penetration for precise wine cooling consistency. The New Air AW-181E Thermo electric wine cooler has a compact design and only measures 24 inches across and 13 ½ inches wide. It has a digital temperature control that is easy to use and customize your temperature to as low as 54 degrees.

  • 18 Bottle wine cooler
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Thermo electric cooling technology for consistent and quiet cooling operation
  • Dual zone cooling
  • 5 full width chrome removable shelves

Best Overall Wine Cooler


4.8/5 Product Rating

The Haier-HVTM12DABB-12-Bottle-Mirrored-Cellar is designed with the thermo electric cooling technology which provides for a quiet vibration free operation. This is one of the quietest units available in this price range. The Haier-HVTM12DABB-12-Bottle-Mirrored-Cellar is a dual zone wine cooler that will hold up to 12 wine bottles. It comes with a double insulated glass door that helps to maintain a consistent temperature. The Haier-HVTM12DABB-12-Bottle-Mirrored-Cellar is a compact wine cooler that has a black exterior with black trim. The glass door has an Amber tint and interior lighting that will show off your wine collection. It also includes 4 chrome wire storage racks that are removable, if needed. The Haier-HVTM12DABB-12-Bottle-Mirrored-Cellar has easy to operate touch screen controls. The upper compartment holds temperatures from 45 to 54 degrees and the lower compartment can be set between 52 and 64 degrees. This allows you to store both white and red wines at the perfect temperature.

  • 12 Bottle wine cooler
  • Black exterior with black trim and Amber glassed door
  • Thermo electric cooling technology
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Removable shelves

Best Budget Wine Cooler


4.5/5 Product Rating

The AVANTI-12-BOTTLE-WINE-COOLER is a wonderful wine cooler for couples. It holds up to 12 bottles of wine in this wine cooler. The compact size allows you to place the wine cooler in small spaces. The AVANTI-12-BOTTLE-WINE-COOLER has an innovative design that allows for bottles to be stored upright. No more leaning open bottles in the fridge. The AVANTI-12-BOTTLE-WINE-COOLER will store up to 4 bottles upright. The AVANTI-12-BOTTLE-WINE-COOLER offers a curved glass door with black platinum accents for a sleek look that goes with any décor. This single zone cooler offers a design that provides no vibration on the wine bottles so the bottle sediment is not disturbed. Being able to set the temperature to a low of 46 degrees allows for the storage of both white and red wines in the cooler. The removable shelves add to the convenience of being able to store different bottle sizes.

  • 12 Bottle wine cooler
  • Black exterior with platinum accents
  • Horizontal and Vertical wine storage
  • Single zone cooling
  • Removable shelves

Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Wine Cooler 4

Science says that a glass of wine everyday helps a person live a long and healthy life. Though this may not be the main reason why people collect wine, it is still a good reason to try it. In fact, more and more people are starting their own wine collection, making it necessary to have a storage for wines. There are actually a lot of factors and a huge amount of cash involved in purchasing wine coolers so a person should first prepare and canvass before finally deciding which one to take home.

Purchase Consideration

1. Know What a Wine Cooler Really Is

It should be perfectly clear to a buyer that there is no way that a wine cooler or refrigerator is similar to a wine cellar. A wine cooler is used to store wine for a short time, ensuring that when it is served, it is at the proper serving temperature, which is about 40 to 60 degrees F, reliant to the kind of wine to be served.

A wine cellar, on the other hand, is a cabinet for wine that would be stored for a long time. The cellar is crafted to make sure that the temperature is at the optimum aging temperature, which is 55 degrees F for all kinds of wine. People should also ensure that there is minimal to no temperature fluctuation, no vibration, and protection against ultraviolet light.

The wines stores in wine coolers should be kept there at a maximum of a year, though less is often preferred. Wine coolers should be used for ready to drink wines and not for wines set for aging. However, some people use wine coolers as a less expensive substitute to wine cellars.

2. Count The Wine Bottles

This is the most practical thing to consider in buying a wine cooler. A person should know, on average, how many wine bottles would most likely be at hand. A great estimate is for a person to think of the number of wine he believes he would need, and then multiply these bottles by 1.5 to 2, as it is highly likely that he would end up buying more, making his collection grow over time. In fact, it is a safe to assume that he would most certainly buy more wine.

When a person as finally decided on a good estimate of the number of wine bottles, he should then look for a wine cooler that could accommodate the number. He should double check for the stated capacity of the cooler. Some of these cooler capacity work on the assumption of only one brand of wine bottle. A person should also match the capacity of the wine cooler after he has modified it; when he plans to install some pull out shelves, he should be prepared to see the capacity of his wine cooler drop even further.

Wine Cooler 3

3. Evaluate External Factors. It Is Better to Be Safe Than Sorry.

The external factors mentioned here are everything else that could affect the installation and maintenance of the wine cooler. For example, in purchasing a large wine cooler, a person has to make sure that there is a way for him to bring in the wine cooler; this could be as simple as knowing whether his door is large enough to accommodate the wine cooler.

He should also check whether the floor is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the additional appliance. Though this may sound funny and obvious, a person really may never know. The wine cooler itself is already heavy and untouched and un-open wine bottles are no lightweight either. He should therefore ensure that the floor could handle the additional space.

Finally, he should make certain that an actual space in the house exists where he could place the wine cooler. There have been a lot of occurrences wherein people forget that their space is limited and would end up buying a cooler that is too large or too high for their household.

4. Is The Wine Consumption a Guilty Pleasure or A Source of Pride?

A person should first be honest with himself. Is he buying a cooler that could serve as his secret stash of wine or is he going to highlight to all his guests his wide and growing collection of this alcoholic beverage? There are wine coolers designed to be inconspicuous; there are even those made to deceive people into believing that there could be no way that a wine cooler is in the immediate vicinity.

For those who are quite proud of their collections, there are glass-paned wine coolers displaying every bit of wine inside it. There are even those with show lights installed inside, making the entire thing look like a well-made wine display.

In the middle of the extreme ends are wine coolers designed to look like regular refrigerators. There are elegant designs in wood, metal, glass, and other materials for wine coolers. People could even just get one made if they want to.

5. Have A Look into The Room Temperature.

The wine coolers are designed to keep the wine at a 40 to 60 degrees F temperature. This stands true when the temperature of the room is also moderate to slightly cool. There may be a problem for places that have high humidity or experience frequent and significant temperature fluctuations. The wine coolers may not be able to maintain the temperature needed to keep the wine unspoiled. In fact, when the room is too hot for a long time, the temperature of the cooler would also increase, resulting in the person being an owner to completely ruined wine.

6. Know Your Limits, Financially

At the end of the day, whatever a person chooses should not only match his preference, but also his allotted budget for this appliance purchase. He should create a price range and narrow his choices down to all those falling in the range. He should then consider whether some features of his choices are really necessary or just spur of the moment shopping delight. Whatever he chooses, he should make sure that the wine cooler he would end up buying should have adjusted to his budget, and not the other way around.

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