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Best Wine Opener

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Wine Opener Reviews

There is a certain ambiance that comes with corking a bottle of wine. It represents the start of a great evening with friends and family, or perhaps a quiet evening with a loved one. Struggling to get a bottle of wine corked takes all the romance out of entertaining. Wine openers work with varying degrees of success and difficulty. Keep the romance and charm in your evening and entertaining events by investing in a wine opener that will cork wine in seconds and provide you with a carefree evening. Here are the best wine openers on the market that have proven to be both fast and reliable wine openers. We have brought together all of the top models and narrowed the list down of the ones we think are the best.

Most Popular Wine Opener


5/5 Product Rating

The Oster-FPSTBW8207-S-Electric-Bottle-Opener is a cordless wine opener and comes with a rechargeable vertical stand, making wine cork removal fast and easy. With the simple push of a button, this wine opener will cork a bottle of wine, leaving you with an evening to enjoy, instead of the frustration of trying to open a bottle of wine to serve. Just place the wine opener on top of the bottle of wine, press the button and the Oster wine opener will remove the cork. The Oster-FPSTBW8207-S-Electric-Bottle-Opener can open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge. The ergonomic design not only looks great on the countertop, but is designed for comfort. The soft grip handle makes using the Oster-FPSTBW8207-S-Electric-Bottle-Opener comfortable. Included is a foil cutter for easy removal of wine bottle seals. The Oster-FPSTBW8207-S-Electric-Bottle-Opener works well on all types of corks including rubber and synthetic corks. The screw enters the cork cleanly and extracts is cleanly preventing pieces of cork from separating.

  • Electric corkscrew with foil cutter
  • Cork removal in seconds
  • Uncorks up to 30 bottles with one charge
  • Recharging stand with vertical base for easy storage
  • Soft grip handle

Best Overall Wine Opener


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew Cutter includes a foil cutter to remove seals easily. The Metrokane wine opener makes cork removal easy and efficient. Simply lift the handle and then place the Metrokane-Vertical-Rabbit-Corkscrew-Cutter over the wine bottle. Pull the lever down, lift back up and then down again and the corks comes out cleanly. A cork can be removed in as little as 3 seconds. The Chrome plated die cast metal lever has an easy grip handle making extracting the wine cork a simple task. The cork removal is smooth and does not require a lot of strength. Even young children can use it to remove a cork. The wine opener is built at an angle with the proper leverage for wine cork removal. This sleek design comes in black, grey or candy apple red and is compact and easy to store. It stands upright and can be left on the counter. The Metrokane-Vertical-Rabbit-Corkscrew-Cutter comes with a 10 year warranty.

  • Pull corkscrew with foil cutter
  • Cork removal in 3 seconds
  • Vertical removal
  • Chrome Plated Die Cast Metal Lever
  • 10 year warranty

Best Budget Wine Opener


4.5/5 Product Rating

RABBIT WINE OPENER with foil cutter Premium Wine Bottle Opener has a simple design that is easy to use. The wine bottle opener will pull the cork out with one pull every time. Simple lower and raise the leaver and the screw inserts into the cork and pulls it out cleanly. The lever creates enough leverage where not much force is needed to remove the cork. The Rabbit wine opener has a durable corkscrew design made of zinc alloy material. A foil cutter is included with the RABBIT WINE OPENER with foil cutter Premium Wine Bottle Opener. It comes with an extra screw pull to extend the life of the wine opener. The RABBIT WINE OPENER with foil cutter Premium Wine Bottle Opener does the job comparable to more expensive models at about a third the price.

  • Pull corkscrew with foil cutter
  • Cork removal in 3 seconds
  • Durable Corkscrew design
  • Soft grip pads for easy leverage
  • Works on all types of wine bottles

Wine Opener Buying Guide

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What to Look for in Purchasing a Wine Opener

They say that a wine lover partakes of at least one glass of wine a day. In enjoying the wine, the person is accompanied either by friends, by families or by no one else but himself. What people forget to include is that one thing that a regular wine drinker would always have with him, and that is the wine opener. Way back, the wine opener is described as a simple handheld cork screw. Now, people have a wide range of wine openers, depending on the image they want to project and the ease of opening a bottle of wine. One cannot be an authentic wine lover without having a wine opener in his household. In purchasing one, a person might be overwhelmed by the different kinds and uses of wine opener, so here is a buying guide on choosing which wine opener should a person get.

1. Simplify and Classify the Wine Openers According to Style

There are almost a thousand types of wine opener available. But these options could be decreased by categorizing these wine openers into the basic styles.

Waiter Style Wine Opener

The wine opener that requires the least amount of money to purchase is the waiter style wine opener. It is named from the way people  have familiarize themselves with the kind of wine opener waiters from restaurants and other fine dining establishments have been using to open the wine bottle. This type of wine opener is usually a portion of a multi tool or a multi-function pocket knife. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere but the downside is that they are difficult to use. It takes lots of practice for a person to properly use one. At the first attempt, a person may find it difficult to insert the opener into the cork and pull; improper use may cause the cork to break and for debris to fall into the wine. Other names for this wine opener are the waiter’s friend and a sommelier’s knife.

Butterfly Wine Opener

The next kind of wine opener is the butterfly wine opener. Also called as the winged corkscrew, the main focus of this wine opener is to quickly open a wine bottle, with as minimal effort as possible. Just like the waiter style, this is fairly affordable and small, allowing it to be carried and stored anywhere. Instructions on how to use this is relatively easy though a beginner might find it difficult to actually use one. Precision is required in using this; a person should know where to precisely put the wine opener upon the cork so that he would be successful in removing it. Another problem in using this is that this model has the possibility of shredding. This model is considered the most durable of all.

Lever Style Wine Opener

Another kind of wine opener is the lever style wine opener. In relation to the first two mentioned wine opener, the lever style, or the rabbit wine opener, is substantially more expensive. They are an improvement in that they are easy to use even for beginners. The lever style ensures that opening the battle need not be hard; the user feels no resistance in opening the bottle with this model. A good thing about this wine opener is that it allows the user to have control of the bottle through the clamp of the wine opener. However, they are heavier and bigger than any other wine opener models. The problem with this is that it is not as durable as the other models. Despite this, this is one of the most favored and chosen model of wine lovers.

Wine Opener

Table top / Table Mounted wine openers

Table top wine openers, or the table mounted wine opener, are another classification of wine openers. They are more expensive than the lever style and are the favorite for personal bar purposes. The method of using the table top wine opener is similar to the lever style but the table top weighs more and is also larger. This would become an issue when a person has not considered where it will be placed before purchasing them. However, most of the table top wine openers are designed to look classy or as a piece of ornament meant to be displayed, ensuring that it would not look as out of place when just left at the bar. In fact, it would be better to leave a space on the counter for this rather than end up forcing it to fit into a cabinet or drawer.

Electric Wine Openers

The last kind of wine openers is the electric wine openers. It is typically much more expensive than the other traditional type of wine opener. They are, however, quite easy to use and are made to be stored after usage. They could also just be left in the counter and become part of the décor as most of these wine openers are beautifully and intricately made. This kind of wine opener allows the user to do almost nothing, unlike the mechanical ones.

2. Determine Whether the Price Really Matters

Just like in any purchasing scenario, the price that the buyer could commit to purchase the wine opener would sometimes become the major criteria in looking and picking an item. This may not stand true in wine openers. Though there are some that purchase the wine with practicality in mind, most of the time, wine lovers would not care what is written on the price tag of the wine opener. They prefer to look at the style of the model and the ease of use.

3. Identify Where and When the Wine Opener Would Be Used

Though wine openers are a good investment that should last a few years or so, it would not hurt to indulge more on style rather than durability. This thinking would work best for those who love to showcase their wine collection and every now and then tend to open a wine bottle or two to impress the guest. For the purpose of an image of grandeur and the likes, one should buy the table top or electric wine openers. For practicality and for the occasional users, the rabbit lever or butterfly would do.

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