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Best Wireless Light Switch

Wireless Light Switch

Wireless Light Switch Reviews

Wireless Light Switches are very popular with consumers. Not only do they provide convenience in being able to check if lights were inadvertently left on, they can be managed to save lots of money off your electric bill. It adds security to your home, by enabling you to program lights on/off at certain times. You can turn lights on in your home before entering the home, from your smartphone. This adds to your home security. As with any new technology there are many companies that introduce products that are inferior. We have selected the best products on the market. We have selected wireless light switches that come from reliable companies. Products having a strong track record of quality and service. This will ensure you have the safety and security you are seeking with these wireless light switches.

Most Popular Wireless Light Switch

GE Z-Wave-On/Off Paddle

5/5 Product Rating

The GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control In-Wall Dimmer replaces your current light switches adding the ability to control the on and off functions through the Z-Wave technology. The GE Z-wave is a perfect application for night owls. It has a blue LED indicator light that allows you to find it in the dark. The blue LED indicator not only helps you find the switch but also can allow you to have the indicator on when the light switch is in the on position so you can tell if you leave the light on. The lighting control is fast and easy to install. It uses all the same wires as a normal light switch making it a simple conversion. The wireless feature allows you to control the lights that are connected to the controller, even when you are not home. With just a few steps on your cell phone or laptop you can turn your lights on or off remotely. If you arrive home late you can turn on your outside light while in the car, without having to leave the light on for hours, saving you electricity.

  • Simple install using existing wires
  • Blue LED indicator for dark nights
  • Wireless and manual controls
  • Just need install kit with hard-wired connectors
  • Has wireless on/off function

Best Overall Wireless Light Switch

GE Z-Wave-Paddle Dimmer

4.8/5 Product Rating

The GE 45603 Z-Wave technology wireless lighting control allows you to run lamps appliances and more. You can plug it into your outlet and not block the other outlet. This will enable you to turn on lights, nightlights, and lamps from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. If the children leave a light on and you are away from home, you can check the lights and turn them off remotely. You can also dim the lights to set the mood, remotely. This is useful when you are entertaining guests. You will never have to worry about whether you remembered to turn off the lights or appliances. With an easy to use app GE has you covered. The app is easy to use and easy to control and operate the features of your home remotely.

  • Easy to install just plug in and go
  • Sync to your smart phone
  • Turn lights on and off when away
  • No more waking up kids to turn off their lights
  • Turn lights on in another room so you can see to get there

Best Budget Wireless Light Switch

GE Z-Wave – Switch 1 Outlet

4.4/5 Product Rating

The Jasco 45609 Z-Wave wireless lighting control on/off switch is a great switch for families that are on the go. Whether you are headed out of town for weekend fun, vacation oraway from home all day for work, this switch allows you to manually or wirelessly turn your lights on and off. This switch is a great option for children’s rooms because it has a little blue LED light indicator that allows you to find the switch in the dark. The blue LED indicator is not so overwhelming that it will keep you up at night but can provide a soft nightlight feature that uses virtually no power. This switch can also be used for your outside lights. With the wireless capabilities you can turn the outside light on as you pull up in the driveway, saving hours of electrical use if you had to leave the light on the entire time you were away. The blue indicator can be switched so that it is lit when the switch is in the on position, witch allows you to be able to tell if a switch is on from across the room or to know when the switch was left on which will save money on your electric bill.

  • Blue LED indicator for night time
  • Wireless controls so you never leave lights on
  • Easy install for do it your self people
  • Connects easily to remaining wires
  • Simple install kit

Wireless Light Switch Buying Guide

Wireless Light Switch 2

Wireless Light Switch is a new technology. Many homes are switching over to it because of the great advantages they derive from it. Since its inception, different types of wireless light switches are available on the market. Families who are not well informed about them find it difficult to purchase one. Since many households are switching over to this new technology, it is necessary to provide some important information that you would guide them in making a purchase, should they desire to buy one. It is a good idea that you start using them in your home. Here are some benefits you can derive from a wireless light switch.

Who Needs Wireless Light Switch Most

It is recommended for every home to switch over to this new technology; there are categories of people who need them more than others. For instance, if you are remodeling your house, it will be a great opportunity to switch over to the wireless technology. As it would increase your comfort and provide a better control over your home lighting system. Because it offers flexibility and freedom, anybody improving his or her home should install wireless light switch.

Even people with disabilities could use the new lighting method because of a health condition. Those people finding it difficult to get out of bed could easily control the home lighting system with the wireless switch. Moreover, families with kids would benefit more from this modern lighting system because it is safe. You no longer need to climb the ladder, tables, to change and control your light, which sometimes is not good for your children. It is for reasons like these that many homes are switching over to the wireless light switch. If you want to switch over to the new technology here are some tips that would guide you in choosing a brand, as there are different models available in the market.

Wireless Light Switch Buying Tips

You have to consider different factors before you buy any brand of wireless light switch. Here are the most important factors you have to ponder over:

Ease of Use

There are different models in the market, you should consider which of the products is easier to use. The best product is the one you could use to turn on or off your lighting system without difficulties. Look for a product with an easy to operate remote control. It is easier than those with complex remote control technology.


The issue of cost is another useful factor you have to consider when you want to buy a wireless light switch from the market. The products are not supposed to be expensive. That does not mean that you have to buy the cheapest model. Always consider the functions and features of the remote control and buy the product you can afford. Always consider a perfect and durable product.

Simple Replacement

Look for a product that is readily available on the market that can be replaced at any time the need for it arises. If you buy a product that is not readily available when it damages, you might be forced to tamper with your electrical wirings or you stay in darkness.

3Wireless Light Switch 2

Different Types of Wireless Light Switches

There are different types of wireless light switches in the market today; you have to consider the type most suitable for your home. There are various options and they come in various designs and colors. You have to consider the nature of your home wiring in making a choice out of the various types available. Here are some of the models you can always consider their features to determine their suitability for your home:

Rocker Switch

This is one of the models you can easily lay your hands on the market today. This remote switch offers two different possibilities, which include the dual rocker and the single rocker. You can always make a choice between the two based on the structure of your home lighting. If you do not like Rocker Switch, you can try other models as well.

European Rocker

This is a perfect model for commercial offices and homes. There are single and dual European rockers, which are the best for homes. Many people prefer this brand because of its rigid designs, which make them stronger and durable than other brands. It could be used in different types and sizes of rooms as well as hallways.

Gang Switch

This is another wireless switch you can install in your home. There is a one-way gang and 2-way gang and even 3-way gang. The number of gang you can use depends on the lighting structure you have in your house as well as the hallway.

Handled Remote

This is most suitable for large office spaces and homes. If you have many lighted points in your home, you can consider this model. You can always consider various other options when you want to choose a wireless light switch.

What are the benefits of using wireless light switch?

  • Easy to use
  • Safety
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Wireless light switches are cost effective

Cons of Wireless Light Switch

There are a few disadvantages associated with this new device.

  • The only shortcoming is that the technology is new and many people are not used to it
  • It may not be generally available to everybody who needs the wireless light switch


Wireless light switch is the new method of home lighting. Many families are embracing this technology because of the great benefits they derive from it. The information above would always guide you in selecting the most appropriate model you can use in your home. You have to seek expert advice before you purchase a wireless light switches compatible with your home.

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