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Best Wireless Print Servers

Wireless Print Server

Wireless Print Servers Reviews

If you’re looking to make printing as easy as possible then using a wireless print server will help you. A wireless print server will connect your printers and computers for wireless printing from anywhere inside your network. A print server is also a great device to use if you happen to be using older equipment for printing. You can use a computer as a print server but then you have to keep it on at all times. Running a dedicated computer just to print inside your network is a massive waste of energy. This can be done with a low expense device that will wirelessly run your printers. Using a print server works wonders in a business or office setting where several computers are connected to the same printer. The most common use for a print server is a network with several computers connected.

Most Popular Wireless Print Servers


5/5 Product Rating

TRENDnet has been growing as a network device manufacturer that people can rely on. This wireless print server works fantastic in turning a multi-function or standard printer into a resource the entire network can use. This device allows you to print, fax, and scan all from one location from anywhere on your network. The built in intuitive support allows this print server to work with popular operating systems Windows and Mac.

This TRENDnet print device has high speed transfer of data up to 150 Mbps with wireless network standard 802.11, supporting all in one printer, scanner, copier multi-function systems and USB printers. A small footprint of 11x3x7 inches makes this print server very easy to find space for and simple installation with universal plug to play makes connection to your network easy. Energy efficient design with on/off switch allows you to conserve energy while not in use.

  • Convenient to print from any computer in the network
  • Durable long lasting design
  • Great overall value saves money
  • Small design takes very little space
  • Easy to install includes instructions and an installation disc

Best Overall Wireless Print Servers


4.8/5 Product Rating

TP-Link is growing in popularity with their reliable products designed with the budget consumer in mind. This print server fits that category to a tee offering everything you’d expect in a print server at an affordable price. Simply connect this print server to your LAN, and you can access your printer from any computer in your network. A high-speed 2.0 USB port allows connection to a printer via USB. An auto sensing ethernet port up to 100Mbps allows for high speed transfer to the print station. Supports universal all-in-one printers with scanners and copiers as well as standard printers.

Email alert and Internet Printing Protocol are supported with this print server. Works with the popular operating systems Windows and Mac. Works with parallel printer ports common on older printers. Very small overall design is easy to hide away at 8.2×2.4×6.6 inches in overall diameter. Quick installation makes this print server a great addition to your network.

  • Allows you to link all computers in your network to one printer
  • Fast performance with 100Mbps port
  • Reliable quality works well under a large load
  • Small footprint allows easy storage
  • Connects with parallel I/O port printers

Best Budget Wireless Print Servers

Hawking Technology

4.6/5 Product Rating

This Hawking print server allows you share and connect your printers and multipurpose devices to multiple computers in your network. Multi functioning device allows you to remove clutter from multiple devices by eliminating the need for more than one USB device. Connect and share from your network to your USB printer or multifunction copier, scanner, printer. Airplay feature allows you to stream music anywhere with a USB speaker.
Installation is simple with included instructions and installation disc. The compact design allows this unit to hide out of the way while eliminating the need for multiple USB devices. Works well with many popular operating systems including Windows and Mac, works with nearly all printer manufacturers.

  • Consolidates every USB device in the network allowing easy sharing of data and files
  • High performance design works well with large projects
  • Reliable quality is built to last
  • Allows all computers in the network to connect to the printer and USB devices
  • Small design saves space and eliminates the need for additional devices

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