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Best Women’s Golf Driver

Women’s Golf Driver

Women’s Golf Driver Reviews

Women’s drivers are an absolute must have for any woman golfer. This club is used for maximum distance top make sure that the ball goes the furthest and is normally used at the tee. Of all the clubs in a set it has the longest shaft and club head as well. For an amateur this club will enable you hit 200 to 270 yards while for a professional golfer you may even hit over 400 yards. It is generally found to be the most difficult golf club to use efficiently for amateurs as well as recreational golfers.

There are many manufacturers of women’s golf drivers and the clubs are made of diverse materials.Generally speaking women’s golf clubs are at the core of enjoying a good game of golf for any woman golfer; whether amateur or professional.

Most Popular Women’s Golf Driver

Adams Golf

5/5 Product Rating

Made using the best performing materials and using the newest available technology, this ladies driver delivers a great golfing experience. It comes from the legendary manufacturers of ladies golf drivers Adams Golf. AdamsGolf assures that this driver is made of the finest materials and using the best technology as well, regardless of the cost.

This driver offers maximum ball speed as ithas progressive face thickness in addition to the cut through slots for both off- and on-center shots. The club is tested for up to four times to make sure that it is within USGA limits and it is of premium quality. The driver, made of titanium, can be adjusted using a screw in the sole to adjust weight of a swing.The graphite shaft is smooth and soft yet it offers the necessary grip needed for a fast distant shot.

  • Great quality material for longevity
  • Convenient and adjustable settings for the driver
  • It has the needed grip to help you make those distance shots
  • It is very favorably priced
  • It is within USGA limits and has been tested up to 4 times to ensure compliance

Best Overall Women’s Golf Driver


4.9/5 Product Rating

This driver uses Callaway’s customizable technology thus making it very user friendly. It has the new hyper-speed design. It is lighter and more efficient than its competitors andhas a forged composite that gives it extra strength. Its light crown allows its perimeter weighting to be adjustable. The loft degree can be adjusted (in one degree increments) as it has an adjustable hosel. These small adjustable parts give the user the freedom to use the driver depending on the conditions of the field. It is available for both right and left handed people. This makes the driver ideal and a must have for any female golfer.

  • Lighter and more efficient than other drivers in its class
  • It is built for extra strength and durability
  • Usable by both right and left handed golfers
  • It has an adjustable loft

Best Budget Women’s Golf Driver

Cobra Golf

4.4/5 Product Rating

The Cobra Women’s Baffler XL Golf Driver is a driver colored in Dahlia purple as well as purple pearl accents. This is a driver with a graphite shaft which weighs 3.5 pounds when shipped and has one of the largest driver faces available. It also features a lower center of gravity as well as having a face design that is shallow. This driver is usable by both right-handed and left-handed players. Includes a 15 degree loft and the club length is 44 inches long.

This driver is offered by the legendary manufacturer of golf clubs, Cobra. It is designed for the maximum distance due to the design of the offset. They are designed for straighter and longer shots. The rails are oversized which allows for smooth interaction with the turf. The weight is concentrated more on the back as well as lower portion of the head to allow for greater control of the distance as well as the direction. They come with a matching head cover.

  • Usable by both right and left handed people
  • Designed to achieve maximum distance on your shots
  • They have an oversized face for lowering of the center of gravity
  • Provide a straighter and longer shot independent of the technique of your swing
  • They come in two lovely feminine colors

Women’s Golf Driver Buying Guide

Women's Golf Driver Playing

While golf is more famous as a sport for men, more and more women are getting interested in it. With this increasing popularity, manufacturers of golfing equipment have come to produce golf clubs specifically designed for female golfers. Basically, all drivers are the same in terms of purpose but the innovation for women’s drivers would allow them to get the most out of their games. There are a lot of things to consider if you are a woman and you need to buy yourself a driver.

Keep in mind that your own set of golf clubs is actually a good investment. Typically, a golfer would use these for almost 15 years so it is necessary to do it right the moment you are buying your own set. Not only would it give you a pleasant golfing experience but also a successful golfing career as well. For women, it is a common occurrence that the drivers they use are too long for them and as a result, they are not able to perform well and eventually get discouraged from playing. To prevent this, you may opt to seek help from a custom fitter to ensure that your set of golf clubs would suit you. But if you want to do it your way, a few guidelines could help you get started.

Womens Golf Club Materials

All drivers are made of metals and it’s up to you what you want to use. You may choose between titanium, steel, and graphite. Titanium is usually stiff and heavy so if you have a lot of power, this is suitable for you. Your swing would be faster and your shot would be more accurate as well. Also, the distance your ball could take may be a bit farther. On the downside, the stiffness may make the ball hard to hit. Meanwhile, graphite clubs are quite flexible and lightweight. If your swing speed is slow, rest assured that this combination would increase your shot’s accuracy and distance. For its con, this material is less durable so most likely you need to replace it often. Finally, there’s the steel driver. It is heavy too so it is beneficial for lady golfers with fast swings. It doesn’t rust and it is also less expensive than all the other materials. A problem it may cause is not being shock absorbent so most likely, you’ll feel a sensation in your hands after you hit the ball.

Womens Golf Club Measurements

Keep in mind that your driver should complement your height. For women, the standard is at 43 inches and this is meant for a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. As a tip, subtract or add an inch to that standard depending on your height. So if you happen to be 5 feet and 10 inches, then you need 44 inches for your driver.

Women's Golf Driver Run

Head Size

The more mass there is in your driver’s head, the more force there is as the formula Force = Mass x Acceleration implies. Look for a driver with a larger head size for power and a larger hitting area for more control.

Head Loft

Typically, women have slower swing speeds so they will have a more difficult time in hitting the ball into the air. Choose a driver with a higher loft angle for this dilemma. This would allow you to project the ball upwards. Degrees usually vary from 8 to 13 degrees and while these measurements may go unnoticed to the keen eye, you’ll know once you’re playing. Greater loft means more height. For beginners, having the extra loft sometimes makes it easier.


Drivers are often more flexible than any other clubs. Thus, the distance of the hit is greatly affected by the shaft’s flexibility. The more flexible the shaft is, the more rebound effect it can generate. This can be explained pretty much like what happens in a trampoline. Oftentimes, graphite shafts are able to do this trick better. Ladies shafts are often flexible, which are also ideal for slow swingers and the elderly. Even the high handicapped could consider using this. The regular flex shaft is good for those with a fast swing speed and for the younger and experienced golfers. There is also the stiffer flex shaft which is ideal for those with fast swings and who are physically fit or low handicapped. Shafts like these give long shots. Lastly, the regular flex shaft is also good for those with fast swings speeds and those who are younger and experienced.

Sometimes, it is recommended to actually try the available drivers so you would know which one would be a good swinging companion for you. You could do this by going to golf stores and do actual swings. It is also recommended to take someone with you who knows golf better so he or she could evaluate which one is a good fit for you. Usually, choosing the shaft depends on a golfer’s ability, experience, and even age.


Grips are usually of standard sizes but there are thinner ones out there. This usually benefits players with smaller hands in gaining maximum control. You may choose between corded and velvet golf grips of different colors depending on your preference and budget.

Overall, women need to be extra meticulous in buying their drivers. Whether you want to play golf as a hobby or as your future career, you need to equip yourself with the right set of equipment so you could be confident in all your shots. Make sure that you buy the driver of the right size and weight so you could have a natural swing. Generally, women have less power because of their muscular composition so it is important to have drivers that would give maximum power and control at the same time. Choose your golf clubs that could last years and those that need minimal maintenance. With the buying guide mentioned above, all you need to find is a seller you could trust for all your golfing needs. Purchase the right equipment and you’ll surely enjoy your golfing experience.

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