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Best Women’s Snow Shoes

Women Snow Shoes

Women Snow Shoes Reviews

Whether you have years of snowshoeing experience under your belt or excitedly planning your first day, one of the important pieces of gear you need to invest in is a good pair of properly fitting snowshoes. For those who are fairly familiar with the importance of quality snowshoes, it is easy to understand why it can ruin the experience simply because it’s too stiff, too tight or your feet are too cold. Aside from comfort and protection against extreme weather conditions, snowshoeing requires specific technology and materials to offer great support and enhanced performance. Just like buying an ordinary pair of boots, it is important to have a good understanding what it is you really need, what features to look for, what type of terrain you plan to use it on and other equally important features. Make no mistake, snowshoes require a considerable investment. With that said, you’ll want to choose one you can use for a good number of winter seasons.

Most Popular Women Snow Shoes

Redfeather Snowshoes

5/5 Product Rating

This pair of snowshoes specifically designed for women is constructed using heavy duty aluminium frame, a control full rotation binding system and a TX 35 rip stop deck. Weighing 3 pounds, it can support body weight of up to 170 pounds.

The bindings are conveniently attached to the boot’s toe area to allow greater freedom as well as greater range of movement. With this type of design, you can easily whisk snow off the tail of the snowshoe as you walk.

The crampons are designed to offer optimum traction, located on the deck’s underside, which works perfectly to provide secure, stable grip on icy and slick surfaces. Without a doubt, the Redfeather Hike snowshoes offer great value for exploring flat as well as rolling winter terrain as it is known to offer excellent floatation and stability.

  • Great size makes it easier to walk on snow
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Offers secure, snug fit
  • Narrow frame design eases pressure on the hips compared to wider frames
  • Supports natural stride

Best Overall Women Snow Shoes


4.7/5 Product Rating

The Wilderness snowshoe for women offers the great combination of convenience and comfort through its latest design innovations. For one, it is constructed with the painted Active Lift™ 16-degree heel lift technology that lifts your heel to significantly reduce Achilles strain and calf fatigue when making moderate ascents.

Whether you plan to traverse on an established trail or map out of your own, this pair is designed to provide you the right traction to navigate sloped terrain. With its stainless steel crampons and easy-entry 180 Binding system, you can count on having a stable base for a secure fit, perfect for active trekking.

In addition, the Wilderness snowshoe is also designed with the state of the art Fit-Step frame that significantly reduces strain on knee, ankles and hips.

  • Binding system is comfortable and easy to use with no slips
  • Provides good grip to match the feminine stride
  • Crampons performs perfectly on all types of terrain
  • Grips snow nicely
  • Offers snug, comfortable fit

Best Budget Women Snow Shoes


4.4/5 Product Rating

The Lightning Axis for women is designed to deliver optimum show shoeing experience. Constructed with their latest Axis Gait Efficiency system, you can independently adjust the bindings of the frame, thereby offers efficient parallel tracking.

The design also features a low profile 360-degree traction frame complete with edge to edge grip that is specifically ideal for the narrow feminine gait to achieve maximum efficiency on snow. In addition, the modular floatation tails offers optimum versatility and confidence across different types of snowshoeing undertakings.

This pair of snowshoes is designed to deliver optimum stability and security on any type of terrain as well as under any weather conditions. In addition, the Ergo Televators increase traction at the same time reduces fatigue especially when traversing through steep terrains.

  • Quality construction and easy to use
  • Perfect for any type of weather condition
  • Lightweight frame, perfect for on and off trails
  • Provides good traction and stability on rough, sloped terrains and flat, deep snow

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