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Best Wrench Set

Wrench Set

Wrench Set Reviews

Wrench sets are basic for any tool set. They can be used for putting together bikes to repairing things around the home. Having a good quality wrench set that will get the job done and one that comes with a storage case that will reduce the loss of wrenches. Wrenches will provide the tools needed to complete projects around the home and yard. We have selected the best wrench sets that offer great value at affordable prices. Select the wrench set that provides the range of sizes you need.

Most Popular Wrench Set

Apex Tool Group

5/5 Product Rating

The GearWrench-9416-Metric-Master-Ratcheting wrench set. The set includes 16 pieces in metric measures. They are top quality wrenches and only require 5 degrees of movement in order to turn the bolt. Most devices require 30 degrees of turn in order to move the bolt or nut. The ratchet side is designed to be able to fit it tight spots. The wrench set is built with Surface Drive technology which will prevent the fastener from rounding. These wrenches can also be used for any length of rod that is threaded. It includes and open and closed end feature allowing ratcheting without removing the tool. A storage case is also included which provides an easy way to carry the wrench set as well as compact storage. Sizes range from 8mm to 24mm. The GearWrench-9416-Metric-Master-Ratcheting wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • 16 Piece wrench set in metric sizes from 8mm to 24mm
  • Surface Drive technology requiring only 5 degrees of movement
  • Storage case included
  • Metric sizes
  • Lifetime Warranty

Best Overall Wrench Set


4.9/5 Product Rating

The TEKTON-1916-Combination-Wrench-24-Piece wrench set offers SAE and Metric sizes. The wrench set is constructed of vanadium steel and is heat treated producing top quality tools. The wrenches offer a raised panel that brings additional strength. The tools are built with precision and have a 15 degree open end that is angled. It also offers a 12 point offset box ends. The material and workmanship meets or exceeds the ANSI quality standards. It comes in a case that is easy to store and keep track of your tools. The roll up pouch is very compact, yet built to withstand tough treatment. The TEKTON-1916-Combination-Wrench-24-Piece set has 12 pieces that are SAE from ¼” to 1 inch. The 12 piece metric set ranges from 8mm to 24mm. The set comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • 24 piece set in both SAE and metric sizes
  • 12 SAE sizes range from ¼” to 1 inch
  • 12 Metric sizes range from 8mm to 24mm
  • Meets ANSI quality standards
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Best Budget Wrench Set

Titan Tools

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Titan-17398-22-Piece-Metric-Combination wrench set carries both SAE and metric sizes. The wrenches are made of vanadium steel and come with a storage rack that is re-usable. The steel construction creates a wrench set that will last a lifetime. It is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The Titan-17398-22-Piece-Metric-Combination wrench set has 22 pieces including 11 metric wrenches ranging from 9mm to 19mm, each in 1 mm increments. There are also 11 SAE wrenches included ranging from ¼” to 7/8″ wrenches. The closed side of the wrench is angled enabling you to work in places that have a tighter fit. The open end does not require much room and will fit in tight places as well. Each side will grant you the maximum usage.

  • 22 piece set made of vanadium steel
  • 11 metric pieces ranging from 9 mm to 19mm
  • 11 SAE pieces ranging from ¼” to 7/8″
  • Storage rack included with set
  • Lifetime warranty

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