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Best Z-Wave Controller

Z-Wave Controller 10

Z-Wave Controller Reviews

Do you have concerns about your home or loved ones when you are away doing errands, on a short trip, or vacation? By purchasing a Z wave controller you can feel more secure, save energy, check on your kids, and control your home easier when you are away. With advancements in technology you are able to protect the people you love and the things you care about easier than ever before. The following reviews are the best Z wave controllers available on the market.

Most Popular Overall Z-Wave Controller

Vera Control VeraPlus-US Smart

5/5 Product Rating

The Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller is available in white or green. Without any monthly fees it provides many features that homeowner’s value. This Z Wave Controller has a User Interface (UI) that is convenient with a set up process that is simple, allowing you to be able to use the device immediately. The Z Wave Controller can be controlled remotely from anywhere. You also gain free access the Vera Network from any device, through Wi-Fi. This includes your tablet, Smart Phone, or PC. The Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller has an energy monitor that is a part of this device’s advanced energy metering capability making it possible to control your energy costs and save money monthly, by remotely controlling the home temperatures. The Universal Compatibility will make it so you can customize the device based on your needs. Choose from over 650 certified Z-Wave devices. With the video monitoring feature, provides live streaming video by plugging in your IP Camera from devices like your Smartphone.

  • Flexible, powerful, and affordable
  • No monthly fees
  • Setup process is simple
  • Free access to the Vera Network
  • Advanced metering capability

Best Overall Popular Z-Wave Controller

HomeSeer HomeTroller S6

4.8/5 Product Rating

The HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 Home Automation Controller will keep your home secure at all times. This device can control lights, thermostats, door locks, audio video equipment, and more. By being able to control the lights you will save energy and enable you to turn off lights that are accidentally left on in your home. When controlling the thermostat you can keep your residence cool or warm depending on the temperature and based on if you are home or away saving you energy and money. Temperatures can be turned down when you are away and then adjusted as you head home providing a comfortable home that still reduces the energy costs. This device can also control door locks providing access remotely for those you want to be able to enter the home, but securing it against intruders. The HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 Home Automation Controller is compatible with Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon, and X10 devices. This Z Wave Controller also works with Apple, Android, Smart Phones, and Tablets. When you purchase this device you will realize that it also has USB and Serial Ports for use with common home automation products.

  • Controls lights, thermostats, door locks, audio video equipment, etc.
  • Save money by being able to turn off your devices
  • Compatible with Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon, and X10 devices
  • Also works with Apple, Android, Smartphones, and Tablets
  • USB and Serial Ports

Best Budget Z-Wave Controller


4.6/5 Product Rating

The Samsung Compatible Automation Controller is a fully programmable device for all Insteon devices with multiple plugins for Elk Security, weather, and many other features. You can easily upgrade this device to including Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other remote technologies. This Z Wave Controller has edges with Smarthome 2413S with Insteon Support. The Samsung Compatible Automation Controller is one of the most flexible Z Wave Controllers on the market and will connect to your local network enabling you to send texts and emails much like a computer that will send these messages to your provider’s text portal. If you need help installing the device, you can easily download a manual off of the manufacturer’s website to learn the intricacies of the device. The best part about this device is that this Z Wave Controller does not require you to rewire your home, instead you can begin using it immediately.

  • Programmable for devices with multiple plugins
  • Smart home support
  • Flexible controller
  • Can connect to your local network
  • Sends texts to your provider’s text portal

Z-Wave Controller Buying Guide

Z-Wave Controller 3

Technology has made things easier for everybody. Some years back nobody would think of automated controllers would carry over several activities in the home like automatic turning on and off household lighting, automatic dimming of lights, home surveillance, and several other things you can do in your home by a simple press of the button. Anybody who wants to live a smart life now turns over to automated controllers. There is different automated control technology in the world today and the smartest among them is the Z wave controllers. Z wave uses state of the art technology and no other products can compare with them. They have everything for everybody. Various controllers relying on Z wave technology are abundant in the market, such that making a choice among the competing products is difficult. Reading Z-Wave controller purchasing guides like this one would help such people make a choice.

Who Needs Z-Wave Controllers?

In the past, automated controllers were meant for the rich and affluent people, but these days with the introduction of different Z wave controllers both the rich and the poor can afford this technology. This means that Z wave controllers are for anybody irrespective of the social and economic status. This is because the functions performed by the products are needed by everybody. These products control several things in your home and your offices. It helps you to save time and energy. It also helps you to do your work better as you can apply them to different activities. You only need to discover the type of Z wave controllers you need and learn how to apply the technology to your daily activities. If you want to live a smart and productive life, you need the Z wave controllers in your homes and your offices.

Identifying Z-Wave Controllers That Suit Your Needs

There is no doubt that you need Z wave automated controllers. However, before you start using any, you have to identify those you need and procure them. You have to streamline your priorities and order these controllers according to your priorities. If your priority is to get Z wave cameras for your security, you have to save money for that. If you want Z wave USB device, which you can apply for different tasks and activities you undertake, you can go for that, if you need to control switches, dimmers, sensors and so on, you have to go for them.

The most important thing is that you have to prioritize your needs and purchase them according to their order of importance. You should know that you could save a lot of money and your energy when you rely on Z wave controllers. It could cut down on your energy bills as you can control all the switching and lighting points in your home by a press of the button. It is when you determine your needs in their order of importance that you can make a good investment on suitable control system for your home.

Z-Wave Controller 1

How to Pick Z-Wave Controllers

Picking Z wave controllers suitable for your home and office are simple if you order your priority. However, before you pick, you should consider different. Here are some useful factors you have to consider in choosing Z wave controllers

Type of Connection You Want

These days, Z wave controllers are either in wired or wireless form. You have to determine the type of connection you want as this determines the type of Z wave controllers to use in your house. Many homeowners prefer Z wave controllers with wireless capability. This is because household devices communicate with one another through your remote control. Efficient communication could not be guaranteed if you decide to use a wired Z-Wave controller. Wireless controllers employ modern technology, which facilitates the movement of radio waves to various household devices in places like walls, cabinets, as well as floors.

Consider the Type of Wirings in Your Home

Various types of Z wave controllers you can use to control almost everything in your home is available. Since the device works remotely, it must be compatible with your electrical connections. You have to determine the type of wirings you have in your home to find out the most appropriate controllers you can use for it. If you are renovating or remodeling your home, you have to consider the type of control you want to install. This will guide you in wiring your home.

Cost of Z Wave Controllers

As said, there are different models of Z wave controllers on the market all using the same technology. The features and functions performed by the controllers differ. This also affects the prices such controllers are sold. You have to make a budget after studying the various types of controllers in the market. You can get an affordable Z controller that could perform very well. Z wave controllers are not supposed to be very expensive, because of the various models on the market. Always make a choice based on what you can afford and what is most useful for you. You have to consider longevity of the Z control. Be sure you spend your money on something that could serve you for a long time.

Compare a Variety of Z-Wave Models

You should compare the various models in the market and make a choice based on certain factors. First, determine those household items the controller could control such as equipment, audio video, door lock, thermostats, controls light and so on. Always buy controllers that would add value to you.

Think of products that would save you money. The devices that could control all your lighting points and turn off lights when you are not available are the best. Think of devices that can use the controller. Some work on USB ports, smartphone, tablets, and so on. Anything that would facilitate its use should be among your top priorities.


If you want to live a stress free life, you have to buy the most suitable Z wave controllers for your home and offices. There are different models in the market. If you follow this guide, you will lay your hands on the most useful Z wave controller.

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