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Best Z-Wave Door Siren

Z-wave Door Siren Review

Z-Wave Door Siren Reviews

Z-Wave Door Locks provide a new level of home security. The door locks provide an electronic door lock that removes the worry of lost keys or locking yourself out of your home. The code panels provide the ability to control who enters the home and the ability to change codes as necessary. This brings enhanced home security. Add the Z-Wave technology and you can now monitor the door from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, wirelessly. As with all new technology there is a wide range of quality and technologies provided. We have reviewed the best products so you can choose a reliable door lock that provides the convenience of the Z-Wave technology.

Most Popular Z-Wave Door Siren


5/5 Product Rating

Schalge home door and window sensor with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave) is a great item for people that are on the go and want to keep an eye on there home. This product alerts you if a window or door is opened in your home. The Z-Wave technology can also allow you to control the thermostat so that if your windows are opened your ac isn’t running and if they are closed your heat doesn’t have to work as hard. This item is very easy to install and program. You can monitor it in real time using your smart phone or other wireless device that has the Nexia app. Nexia will notify you when a window or door has been opened or tampered and with provide a sense of security.

  • Keeps you notified in real time
  • Lets you know if a door or window is opened
  • Allows you to make sure everything is closed before going to bed or leaving the house
  • Helps save on your power bill by adjusting the AC and heat
  • Wirelessly monitor while you are away

Best Overall Z-Wave Door Siren

Aeon Labs

4.8/5 Product Rating

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Door/Window Sensors allow you to keep an eye out on your house when you are not home. The Z-Wave technology can also reduce energy costs by allowing you to adjust the lights and thermostat remotely. Aeon Labs Z-Wave Door sensors have a monitoring system so you know it’s safe. It will notify you when a door or window is opened in the home when you are away from home so you can make sure everything is looked up tight by just clicking a few buttons. The unit will also protect you while you are home by notifying you if a door or window is opened. By having a Aeon labs Z-Wave door/window sensor you will have the security of knowing that your family and home is safe and protected.

  • Easy to use with just a few swipes
  • Notification on opened windows or doors
  • Wireless ability allow you to monitor from anywhere
  • Helps save power
  • Gives you the satisfaction that you are safe and secure

Best Budget Z-Wave Door Siren


4.5/5 Product Rating

2GIG Thin Door Window Contact ETL is a great home security device its sleek narrow design. It looks good and also will protect your home and family. The tamper proof design keeps it from being vandalized or broken from intruders or weather. The unit can be hooked up to a 2-gig alarm system for additional security. The 2GIG is able to be monitored from a phone or other wireless electronic devices. This is a great item for people on the go. Whether you are at work or on vacation, you will know that your home is protected. This device will notify you if any of your windows or doors are opened. It is a completely wireless system so you can keep your house monitored no matter where you are. Make sure your house is safe at night and that your family is protected.

  • Wireless access
  • Sync with a 2GIG alarm
  • Saves on power bill
  • Keeps you up dated
  • Allows you to check the status of your doors and windows

Z-Wave Door Siren Buying Guide

Z-wave Door Siren 12

Z Wave is a thriving technology. It is not surprising that several households across the world rely on them for several things. Their products have proven effective for several purposes. You can use it for security, lighting, and so on. The technology works wonders because of the sensor that triggers such activities like alarm. The sensors are used to gather information about dangerous incidences that could endanger the lives of home dwellers. The security technology is now extended to doors and windows.

Z wave door window sensor uses wireless technology to activate household security devices. This new technology is thriving on the market. Because of the popularity, several products relying on Z wave technology are available on the market. Making a choice is a challenge because homeowners find it extremely difficult to decipher the differences between the various products. These buying tips are aimed at helping buyers to make a choice and select the most suitable Z wave door/window sensor.

Why do you need Z Wave door/window sensor?

You need Z wave door/window sensor to secure your home. It is one of the automated home security measures put in place to enhance the security of household members. There was a time when this technology was only available to most powerful people in the community. The trend has changed with the availability of various affordable brands in the market. Many people can now afford the product. It is desirable for every homeowner who wants to ensure security of his home, offices and properties. Because of the way the sensors are designed, it is extremely difficult for intruders to overcome it. If you want a smart living, you desire the product, so that you can sleep in the night with your two eyes closed. Many people have already realized the importance of the device and that is why they are purchasing them for their homes. As said, there are various brands in the market; this means that you can only buy the design that is most suitable for your purpose. You must consider many factors before you spend your money.

What are benefits of Z Wave door/window sensors?

You can derive enormous benefits by installing this device in your home. It is better than any of other security devices you may install in your home for a number of reasons. Here are some of the factors that make it the best for choice for homeowners:

  • Unlike other security gadgets, Z wave door/window sensors are easy and simple to setup. If you want to set it up in your home, you can do it without relying on experts to do that for you. You can finish setting it up in a few minutes
  • Secondly, many of them are small in dimension, which makes it easy to blend in different landscape without affecting your garage or window
  • Several models in the market are easily accessible because they are affordable. Anybody can always afford any type that could suit his or her personal needs
  • Because many models in the market use battery it is easy and simple to operate, you have to check the battery life before you make a purchase
  • Moreover, it could easily alert you when it perceives a danger whether you are inside or out of the building


Many of them work off specialized remote, which means that you must get the brand of remote before it will work. If the remote damages, you will have to search for the same brand to use it again

Z-wave Door Siren

Purchasing tips

It is apparent that every household needs one type of Z wave door/window sensor system or the other. You have to consider certain factors before you make a purchase. Here are some of the factors you have to consider:

Features of Z Wave Door/Window Sensors

Since there are several models of the device in the market, you have to compare them to pick the models with helpful features. The features determine the type of functions such device would perform for you.

Battery life: since the products are wireless device and cannot work without battery, it is important that you get a device with a longer battery life, as this would serve you better. You should think of what could happen when the battery runs down. Products with longer battery life are preferred.

Operational Range

The sensors work at a certain distance. Some operate up to one hundred feet and more. You have to consider the distance such device would cover. If you get a device that covers longer distances, it is better as it offers better security than sensors with shorter coverage.


This is another factor you must always consider when you want to purchase a Z wave door/ window sensor. It should be able to fit well in your doors and windows without undermining your lifestyle. It is better to buy products that have smaller dimensions as they do not occupy larger spaces.

Ease of use

It is better to buy a device you can easily install and remove whenever you want. Devices you can easily use is preferred. This means that you can easily understand when it is sending a message.

Alert type

Different devices on the market have different alert types. The alert type is how the system communicates to you when it perceives danger. You should select models that give a clear alerts type.


Most Z wave automated security systems are affordable. That notwithstanding you should select a product you can easily afford and which would be useful for you. You can do this by comparing their different features, functions and the costs. This would help you select the most useful and affordable z wave door/window sensors.


Everybody needs this security gadget in the home and offices. Installing it ensures that you gather information, and movement around you. You can always make a choice based on your need and your budget. Various models in the market work in different ways. If you follow these tips, you can always buy Z wave door/window sensors that suit your purpose and taste.

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